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Letterbox pic n mix


In need of a pick me up, want to send a friend or relative a little treat.  These letterbox pic n mix are the ideal solution, 500grams of your favourites lined in to a handy size box that can fit through your letter box. Select up to five sweets from the list below, or if you want more of your favourites, just select 2/3!


Please note: quantity of sweets is dependant on weight. 


Haribo Rhubarb & Custard

Haribo Hearts

Haribo Friendship Rings

Haribo Bubblegum Bottles

Haribo Rhubarb and Custards

Haribo Yellow bellies snakes

Haribo Fizzy Cherries

Haribo Giant Strawberries

Haribo Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles

Haribo Jelly Beans



Love hearts

Refresher chews



Flying saucers

Cola Bottles

Foam Bananas

Foam Shrimps

Jelly Babies

Pink Mushrooms

Fried Eggs

Milk Bottles

Twin Cherries

Watermelon Slices

Pink Bon Bons

Strawberry cables


Chocolate Raisins

Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs

White chocolate Stars

Milk Chocolate Stars

Pink Chocolate Hearts


    Please see individual items for specific ingredients.  If there are any allergies please contact before purchasing.  


    In the first instance, please email shweeties with any issues regarding your order and we will do our best to resolve this issue.  Please read ingredients before ordering