By popular demand, SHWEETIES has released the 'Build your own Shweeties Bucket'.  Create your own standard or jumbo buckets with your very own selection of sweets, which means you'll be stocked up for a long time with all of your favourites. Fill your standard bucket with up to 15 sweets and your jumbo bucket with up to 25 of the below list:• Haribo giant strawberries (v)• Haribo freaky fish (v)•Haribo starfish (v)•Maoam stripes•Haribo rhubarb and custards•Haribo terrific turtles •Haribo giant dummies zing•Haribo cherries•Haribo rotella (v)•Haribo jelly babies•Haribo friendship rings•Haribo fried eggs•Haribo jelly beans•Flying saucers (ve)•Haribo giant cola bottles•Foam shrimps•Milk chocolate mini jazzies (v)•White chocolate jazzies stars (v)•Green marshmallow paintballs•Blue marshmallow paintballs•Yellow marshmallow paintballs•Red marshmallow paintballs•Haribo rainbow pencils (v)•Swizzels foamy pigs•Psycho mice•Haribo fizzy cherries•Haribo yellow bellies snakes•Fizzy watermelons•Fizzy apple belts (v)•Fizzy strawberry belts (v)•Dracula teeth (ve)•Fizzy dracula teeth•Strawberry bon bons (v)•Lemon bon bons (v)•Apple bon bons (v)•Meerkats (ve)•Fizzy strawberry pencil bites•Fizzy rainbow bites•Fizzy peaches•Jelly filled snails•Swizzels mini mix (refreshers, fizzers etc)•Jelly tongue painters (ve)•Fizzy bubblegum bottles•Lollipops•Strawberry twist kisses•White mice (v)•Watermelon slices•Foam bananas•Mini eggs (v)•Fizzy giant strawberries•Fizzy cola bottles•Mini blue and white dolphins Sweet selections contain: WHEAT, SOYA, GLUTEN, MILK. Please email if you have any allergies or intolerances


  • Please note: To keep shipping costs as low as i can, if you order multiple items they may be sent separately. 

  • Please note: that allergens will be labelled on products, however i cannot guarantee the absence of any known allergen due to products being handled on the same premises.

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